B-WP0 - Module B Coordination

The coordination of the work packages in Module B aims for the strengthening of the links among the Module B partners and between Module B and the other modules. For that purpose annual Module B workshops will take place to exchange information about the status of the work packages. The coordinator will report on Module B topics and results at the other modules' workshops and observe their research progress that is relevant for Module B. The coordinator assesses the findings of the Module B work packages whether they are suitable for implementation in the MiKlip prediction system. This is also discussed with the MiKlip steering committee.

Another aim of the coordination is the improvement of the process understanding of extreme events. For this purpose the simulations performed with the MiKlip prediction system are analyzed for periods of extreme events such as heat waves. It should be clarified which large-scale atmospheric processes are necessary to enable such extreme events. Another focus is on investigating the predictability of these events. This includes the consideration of the influence of decadal variability, i.e. it is necessary to clarify whether processes of decadal variability also have an impact on extreme events and whether there is an accumulation of extreme events in particular decades.

Representation of the Antarctic Oscillation and related precipitation patterns in the MPI Earth System Model

2016 - Met. Z., Vol. 25 No. 6, p. 767 - 774

Babian, S. | H.W. Rust, J. Grieger, K. Prömmel and U. Cubasch