Module D - Synthesis

MiKlip II improves the decadal climate prediction system of the first MiKlip phase through further research and development. Module D provides the essential scientific and technical infrastructure for the prediction system.

The main goals of Module D are:

  • The further development and improvement of the global decadal prediction and evaluation system,
  • The transfer of the decadal prediction and evaluation system for operational use at the DWD
  • Pilot studies on the use of decadal climate prediction in government agencies and the private sector
  • MiKlip Coordination

MiKlip II is divided in two development stages: one pre-operational and one quasi-operational phase. In each of the phases Module D produces retrospective predictions – “hindcasts”, predictions, as well as analysis of these. All of these are accessible for all project partners on the project-owned server – the MiKlip server.

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Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology
Prof. Dr. Jochem Marotzke

Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology
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