Project aims

Many users need reliable information on trends in weather and climate. This also comprises information on the validity and uncertainty of the provided forecasts and predictions. In the near future, regularly updated forecasts based on the results of the MiKlip decadal forecast system will be available. This includes an ensemble of predictions allowing probabilistic forecasts on a global and regional scale for a timeframe from years to decades. Resilient forecasts include information on the reliability and uncertainty of the data provided.

Those long term forecasts often show systematic deviations (bias) from the observed weather and climate. To provide useful information and support forend users a bias adjustment including a model drift correction followed by an application specific evaluation is required. Also a clear communication of the underlying assumptions and known limitations are necessary.

Based on a couple of test cases, a prototype model–user interface called SUPPORT will be implemented and analyzed. These test cases will be defined in close collaboration with the persons responsible at the national and international institutions mostly with already long term partnerships with DWD. In cooperation with these selected end users an analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio will be performed in order to estimate the usefulness of the information.

A user workshop is hosted every year. Those workshops provide a key interface to users. The first workshop took place at the Deutscher Wetterdienst in Offenbach on April 06-07, 2016 (a summary in German can be found on the right).

Project structure

The work is done by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) in cooperation with Module C and E.

Tasks of the Project

T1 Identification of user needs

Based on face-to-face communication, yearly workshops and questionnaires an analysis of user needs is performed.

T2 Development of user specific post processing methods

Based on the results from T1 a user specific interface will be implemented. The implementation will be partly based on routines from MiKlip-Modules C and E.


D1 Implementation of user workshops

D2 Development and Implementation of a user specific post processing tool


Deutscher Wetterdienst - Climate and Environment Consultancy
Dr. Andreas Paxian
+49 (0)69 8062-5413

Dr. Frank Kreienkamp
+49 (0)69 8062-5416

DWD User WorkshopsEvents-Icon

6-7 April 2016 in Offenbach

1st workshop summary (PDF in German)

4-5 May 2017 in Stahnsdorf (Potsdam)

2nd workshop

Newsletter Decadal Climate Predictions (in German)Publications-Icon

Juni 2016 - 1. Newsletter  (PDF)

Februar 2017 - 2. Newsletter (PDF)

June  2017 - 3rd Newsletter (PDF)

Questionnaire on forecast websitePublications-Icon

Questionnaire (PDF in German)

Summary of questionnaire results (PDF in German)