Upcoming Events

Past Events

3rd DWD user workshop

2018-05-16 to 2018-05-17

The 3rd DWD user workshop will take place on the 16-17 May 2018 at the DWD branch office in Hamburg (new location!).


Module A meeting

2017-09-0510:00 - 17:00h


Fourth International Conference on Earth System Modelling (4ICESM)

2017-08-28 to 2017-09-01

Ort: Helmut Schmidt Auditorium, Bucerius Law School, Jungiusstr. 6, 20355 Hamburg


2nd DWD user workshop

2017-05-04 to 2017-05-05

The 2nd DWD user workshop will take place on the 4-5 May 2017 in Stahnsdorf (Potsdam).


EGU General Assembly

2017-04-23 to 2017-04-28

The EGU general assembly is taking place in Vienna, Austria and here you find all the MiKlip contribution.


MiKlip II Annual Meeting 2017

2017-03-01 - 09:00h to 2017-03-03 - 18:00h

The next MiKlip annual meeting will take place at the Harnack Haus in Berlin.


MiKlip Module E Workshop 2016

2016-11-1110:00 - 17:00h

One-day workshop. More information will follow. In Berlin.


MiKlip Module A Workshop 2016

2016-11-0210:00 - 14:00h

Half-day workshop in Hamburg.


MiKlip Module B Workshop 2016

2016-10-1110:30 - 17:00h

One-day workshop starting around 10:30.


Berlin-Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies

2016-10-04 to 2016-10-06

This international workshop, taking place at Freie Universität Berlin, aims to review the state of the art of current methods and challenges for statistical...