Berlin-Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies

2016-10-03 22:00 h 2016-10-05 22:00 h
This international workshop, taking place at Freie Universität Berlin, aims to review the state of the art of current methods and challenges for statistical bias correction for climate projections, decadal and seasonal predictions and the application for various impact studies and climate services. Hence, the workshop will bring together climate modelers, developers of bias correction (BC) methods and users of such methods in climate-related fields, to cover the whole range of questions raised by biases in climate models.

More information about the covered topics, location, registration (open
soon), etc. can be found on:


The list of currently confirmed key-note speakers includes:

    - Alex Cannon, University of British Columbia, Canada
    - Claudio Piani, American University of Paris, France
    - Neven Fuckar, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
    - Verónica Torralba, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

The program consists of oral presentation and poster sessions. A
detailed program will be available at the above mentioned website soon.
 The event is jointly organized by the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
(IPSL, France) and the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB, Germany). Any
question can be sent via email to <bias(at)>.

Organizing committee
- Mathieu Vrac (LSCE/IPSL, CNRS, France)
- Henning Rust (FU Berlin, Germany)
- Sophie Bastin (LATMOS/IPSL, CNRS, France)
- Martin Göber (DWD, Germany)
- Denis Ruelland (HSM, CNRS, France)
- Jens Grieger (FU Berlin, Germany)
- Julie Carreau (U Montpellier, France)

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