MiKlip first phase: RegioPredict

Coordination of Module C: Regionalised Climate Prediction

Regio_Predict is the coordination project for the Module-C „Regionalisation“ of MiKlip. The task of the module is to investigate strategies to downscale global decadal prediction over specific regions (e.g. Europe, Africa), the analysis of the interaction between the regional and the global scale with respect to decadal predictability as well as to provide suitable methods and models.
Regio_Predict performs the coordination effort of Module-C as well as an own scientific contribution to the research program.
The coordination efforts consist of the arrangements between the eight projects within the module and the integration of Module-C into the framework of MiKlip.
The scientific contribution addresses the integrating analysis of the ensemble simulations for Europe. The joint simulations provided by several projects within MiKlip-C will be analysed using ensemble methods to estimate the skill of the regional predictions for various geographic regions and for the various hindcast periods since 1960. The project aims at the synthesis of Module-C with respect to bridge the gap between the global models and the needs of the potential users.


  • Organization of the collaboration within Module-C and integration of the module into the framework of MiKlip
  • Determination of the skill of the regional prediction ensemble over different European regions and various hindcast periods
  • Systematic investigation of the predictability of relevant climate parameters from the regional MiKlip ensemble

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Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Hendrik Feldmann
Prof. Dr. Christoph Kottmeier

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