Improved forecast skill in the tropics in the new MiKlip decadal climate predictions

19.12.2013 - 13:55

The skill of the two MiKlip systems, Baseline-0 and Baseline-1, are compared in a recently published paper by Pohlmann and colleagues. n.


International workshop on seasonal to decadal prediction – Toulouse 13.-16. Mai 2013

05.07.2013 - 14:17

The workshop organised under the leadership of the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (WGSIP) and the...


MiKlip status seminar - Berlin 14-15 February 2013

04.04.2013 - 13:49

The status seminar was an opportunity for all projects within MiKlip to present their results and also a place to discuss topics that affect the over-all goals...


3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling (3ICESM)

18.12.2012 - 14:34

The 3ICESM took place in Hamburg at the end of September 2012.