MiKlip first phase: Module B - Processes and Modelling

Module B deals with climate system components and processes that are relevant on the space and time scales of global decadal climate prediction and that are either not adequately included in current forecast systems or not represented at all.

Module B aims at an in-depth understanding of the role of different system components and of specific processes relevant for climate variability, its predictability, or even the suppression of predictability. The process investigations will be placed into the context of the MiKlip central prediction system by soliciting from the various contributions to Module B proposals for how to improve the central prediction system.Given the requirements from the MiKlip research challenge and the expertise in Germany, the proposed work in Module B can be categorized into the specific objectives:

  • Assessing the effects of enhanced resolution
  • Assessing the effects of advanced parameterizations/numerics,
  • Investigating mechanisms of decadal variability
  • Improvement of existing system components and
  • Coupling of additional climate subsystems.

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This description regards the project during the first phase of MiKlip.

  • For a summary of the achievements of Module B during the first phase click here.
  • Module B continues in MiKlip II, read more here.


Institute of Meteorology, Freie Universität Berlin
Dr. Kerstin Prömmel
Prof. Ulrich Cubasch